Defending Truth in Love

In many ways Christians are called to a higher standard than the world and culture that surrounds us. Rather than reflecting our current culture’s tendency to debate and dialogue with sound bites, talking points, and raised voices that talk “about, over, and past” each other, Mike Horton (at the White Horse Inn Blog) argues that even as Christians disagree with others we ought to do so respectfully, intelligently, and with great clarity. He draws attention to several logical fallacies that should be avoided and then concludes with the notion that representing those with whom we disagree accurately andĀ engaging their views graciously is an aspect of loving one’s neighbor, and therefore, “an exercise of Christian piety.”

Logical fallacies are often the result of viceā€”sometimes malice, but more frequently pride and sloth. It is easy to hide behind the banner of truth in yielding to these temptations, but truth is not served well by arrogant assertions, sweeping generalizations or lazy caricatures. When love reigns, an argument is not only true but also good and beautiful.”

You can read the full article here.

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